Juan Manuel García

Juan Manuel García


I’m specialized in soilless cultivation and crop management, with a particular focus on fertigation adapted to hydroponics.


In Projar my main goal is to help our customers find the best solutions to increase their crop yields, solve crop problems and improve profitability.

"Coir, as a growing media, allow the

maximum vegetative and productive response from the crop"

"The thermal inertia of coir, guarantees

greater temperature stability in the root environment"

"In low-radiation periods, watering in

hydroponics should be adjusted to avoid problems caused by water excess"

Maria Jesús Ferrando


I’m Agricultural Technical Engineer specialized in growing media and agro-inputs.


I advice growers about the best options for their cultivation systems always looking for sustainable products that allow them to reduce costs and carry out many cycles for years.

"Our pots are 100% recyclable and

detectable in recycling plants thanks to NIR (Near Infrared) technology"

"Carrying out many cycles for years

is possible if growers choose reusable pots"

"Generating less waste and reducing pollution

by choosing products from recycled plastics"

Raúl Pérez


I’ve worked in 52 countries in 

10 years supporting the international growth of companies since 2008.


At Projar I’m International Key Account Manager with a clear objective: to make life easier for our clients.

"For us, quality is part of our business ecosystem

in everything we do and not only and added service"

"Our goal is always to add value

to the producer through custom comprehensive solutions"

"Being manufacturers allow us to develop

and test new solutions to respond to growers needs"